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Marty Keenan Provides Free Legal Consultations

Already been charged? Tell Marty your charges and your side of the story. He’ll make himself available to give you an accurate, fair quote in your time of need.

Marty is not here to “gouge” or use scare tactics to take advantage of you and your money. Sure, Marty wants to make money, but it all doesn’t have to come from you.

Marty’s goal is to provide first-class legal services to people at a fair price. No lawyer can guarantee results. But Marty can guarantee that he will give 100 percent to provide you with quality representation. Call or text 316-833-8200 to speak to Marty or his assistant 24-7 or fill out the form to schedule your free legal consultation!

Your Rights. Your Trial. Your Call.

Do you want a trial? You will get a trial. After all, it’s your case, not the lawyer’s. Marty will advise you on the various alternatives you have. Should you try for a plea agreement, a diversion, or go to trial to try and win outright? That’s your decision, not Marty’s.

Based on his experience, education, and knowledge Marty will highly recommend a particular course of action at your free consultation. It’s your call.

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